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"CropTrak specializes in the fields of farm management information system, vineyard management tools, and electronic farm records."


Many different libraries were used for the frontend development. Hacking to fit the product requirements created new problems that slowed down the development.


Croptrak has a product that works throughout the entire agricultural chain. I was the first designer in the company's nearly decade-long history.


  • Visual Designer
  • Information Architect
  • Interaction Designer
  • Frontend Dev

Accelerated development by simplifying the frontend stack.

The web product used multiple libraries such as Bootstrap, jQueryUI, DevExpress & DevExtreme. I pushed for the creation of a custom style library to enable a resource diet. This in turn allowed us to remove 70% of the dependencies.

On the other hand, I started the development of a library of small components, as the basis of a system that will replace those that slow down the development of the product.


Consolidated product with information architecture & interface design.

As the product was born from an iOS application, it brought several problems of adaptation of the interaction model. Added to this was the product's own growth due to the passage of time.

To improve the performance of the interfaces, I worked on simplifying interaction flows and clarifying potential actions for users, while improving the overall feedback to users.


Improved brand awareness with visual design.

The passage of time and the lack of designers in the team made it difficult to identify the brand on the product.

We made significant progress in consolidating the brand in new versions for both web and native applications (with Xamarin).

Throughout these two years, I have driven two theme realignments to help the visual consolidation of the brand.

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