Experience (remote from 2012)


"CropTrak specializes in the fields of farm management information system, vineyard management tools, and electronic farm records."

Last year I started working at Croptrak with their product for the agricultural chain.

As the first designer in a company with 40+ software developers (web & native apps), from 2019 I'm helping them with design & development to improve product consistency with interaction/visual design and frontend development.


With ups and downs, my longest and best work experience. Originally I was called upon to help with the design and development of a key functionality, but then I began to contribute in other areas of the platform.

Beyond diverse experiences that cross almost the entire range of product-related activities, I would like to highlight the great experience with product strategy work. Each improvement or new functionality was primarily focused on how it helped to improve the overall quality of the product for customers, which had been strategically defined as small or medium sized hostels.

In terms of development, I set out to attack the central problem they had when developing: a code impossible to reuse, which hindered all agile development. So I promoted a rewriting of the CSS, removing all useless dependencies. Even today we still use that stack that is supported by Sass and modern CSS.

Taking advantage of this new situation, I modernized the styles of the platform to adapt them to the needs of the brand.

Ship Sticks2018-2019

"Ship Sticks is a white glove, golf bag shipping company that provides door to door services for shipping golf clubs."

As part of a team working on native applications (Android & iOS), I helped Shipsticks designing user flows and every screen for both platforms. I started to port their many huge Photoshop files to two light Sketch files, and then I work with the Product Owner and respective devs to develop each version.


I got this job to get more experience on a product team. I quit my last job for three times less salary, but it was really a very good experience where I got to know the startup world (and its unclear objectives).

It was there that I experienced working with Rails for the first time, although it was a very short experience because a little later I started working with Django, which was the framework used by the company that had bought the company where I was working.

Centric Digital2012-2013

My first good job as a developer. Here I worked converting wireframes to countless Photoshop files (non sense work, I know), to then create those screens as static files in HTML/CSS. It wasn't a challenge at all, but I learned a lot about web development & team dynamics.

Freelance Web Designer / Webmaster (yep)2008-2012

One of my first job in this industry was to help a community of social science researchers to create their visual identity and web presence. There I learned to write html/css and even Wordpress.


  • Five dropouts (informatics, business administration, history, graphic design, industrial design) and two attempts (systems engineering, architecture) at three national universities in Argentina.
  • Countless books read about business, design, development, history, politics...
  • Dozens of events related to design, development and social sciences.


  • Creating digital products and services with Lean UX Sergio Nouvel
  • DelphiUX Eduardo Mercovich
  • Information Architecture for Everybody Abby Covert
  • Lean UX: Agility through cross-functional collaboration Josh Seiden
  • Think like a Startup Canvas & Game Arne van Oosterom

Courses & Certifications:

  • Responsive Web Design FreeCodeCamp
  • JavaScript Fundamentals SoloLearn
  • Web Analytics Course Actívate con Google
  • Lean Canvas Course Ash Maurya
  • Intro to the Design of Everyday Things Don Norman

Self education during my entire life.

UX Communities

Over the years, I co-started and co-lead some UX communities here in Mendoza (Argentina) & Viña del Mar (Chile).

IXDA Mendoza

Started in 2013, it was one of first IxDA local chapters in Argentina. There I helped to organize events, gave lectures & strength local knowledge in most of the UX topics.

World IA Day

From 2016 to 2019, I promoted and organized the celebration of World Information Architecture Day in Mendoza & Viña del Mar, and then in the rest of Latin America when I took the position of Regional Coordinator.

UX Mendoza

In 2019, we started a new UX community focused on local events. It helps new colleagues to become better UX professionals and thus raise the quality of software & human relations in general.


From 2016 to 2017, I was in charge of Startup Digest - Design Reading List. "A weekly list of UX, strategy and design articles to help you create smarter and more successful products."


We originally hired Eugenio 6 years ago to help us design and build a big feature for our platform. What we ended up finding in Eugenio was so much more - someone that would completely change our perspective on design and product development. Eugenio helped change our focus from building features to solving customer's problems. He helped us start customer research (eventually using JTBD interviews) and absolutely changed the culture in our company. He's not afraid to speak his mind and consistently ask "why" until he gets to the very heart of any problem. His curiosity is contageous and he is always learning how to be better at his craft in design.

He is also an extremely talented CSS architect. Years ago, after getting more involved in the development of our platform, he quickly ran into the VERY hard to maintain and specific CSS code that I had put together haphazardly as an unexperienced developer. Over the course of a few weeks, he completely re-wrote the entire frontend of our platform using the BEM methodology and established a style guide to help himself and future developers easily extend and build new interfaces. We still run on that same frontend and continue extending the framework he put in place during that time.

I can't express enough how valuable Eugenio has been in shaping the development of our culture, product and company.

Tim Zenderman, Co-Founder at BananaDesk

I've worked with Eugenio for many years and he has always been dedicated to improve product's design. You will never see him do something without a reason. Always learning, always bringing new stuff to the conversation, while having a great balance between UX, UI and front-end developer.

He is passionate about it and will always work to get the best product to the users. And he will always tell you about the latest tools you can use to make the work better!